The value of grooming with supernatural fantasies



A child is born with almost zero local1 data2. The local data it is groomed3 by its parents, teachers and priests serve as necessary initial means of adaption to its ethnic or social group. Its very survival depends on efficient (cultural) grooming.


Adaptation data sourced from a fantasized supernatural agent4 is highly efficient for early life survival.


Those who install that data, namely priests, not only charge a high price for their service but make sure their charges do not escape their grooming because that would leave them powerless, poor and ignorant.5


By and large the (alleged) supernatural data modules installed in an infant6 are well rehearsed/proven local survival rules bumped up (with threats and intimidation) to make them compelling.


However, when an individual reaches maturity, and which it does if and when it achieves independence, it must discard the supernatural data on which it depended for its survival.7


In the process of becoming independent the adult must activate its own natural survival responses.8 Failing so to do, hence failing to grow up, the individual fails in its basic natural function, namely to survive and by default9 upgrade its locality.


Because very few humans (like most top predators) actually achieve maturity, i.e. by becoming independent creators10 in their own right,11 they are best served by remaining within the ambit of the supernatural survival guidance.1





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1.     i.e. cultural. Culture emerges as local (or niche) adaptation to nature. Culture is invented to increase survival capacity. i.e. as response to survival threat.

2.     They are, like new mobiles, devoid of local data and hence of identity.

3.     More specifically stated: brainwashed

4.     The supernatural agent, usually culturally selected, is conceived of as a superlative father (or mother) who protects, decides the survival rules and rewards or punishes for compliance or non-compliance.

5.     Traditionally priests, like Brahmins or Christian monks, monopolised knowledge for their own gain. Power was monopolised by warlords masquerading as aristocracy.

6.     Or, for that matter, in any dependent resulting from immaturity, disability. dysfunction or senility.

7.     In simple terms: prior to maturity an individual is a rule taker. At independence/maturity he/she must become a rule maker at least with regard to his/her primary survival means.

8.     These are common to all biological systems.

9.     i.e. of necessity.

10. Those who enhance nature with cultural adaptations.

11. Maturity is a brief phase during mid-life. Before and after maturity, and when individuals are dependent on others for survival, supernatural guidance is beneficial. In other words, the supernatural fantasies of priests serve as the most efficient (i.e. winning) placebos for all but the mature.

12. The vast majority of humans, and who cannot free themselves from dependence, are best served by the highly entertaining albeit repressive supernatural (i.e. religious) guidance and protection offered by priests. In other words, when survival push comes to shove and hope and comfort are needed the common folk will revert to the supernaturalistsí fantastic agenda. When times are bad, the supernaturalists win.